Project studies

Our activities

Building engineering:

New and occasional CRU materials:

  • Manufacturing groups of the Concrete Ready to Use :




  • Automatic conveyors for loose products
  • Storage bins for storing of solid and powdered products
  • Loading stands for trucks and ships
  • Unloading mechanisms for trucks and wagons
  • Chamber tanks
  • Static and dynamic weighing

Mechanisms for internal transportation 

  • Floor and suspended conveyors 
  • Elevators
  • Turntables

Industrial building structures

  • Structure
  • Cladding
  • Vats, cisterns,  bins
  • Elements on special order 
  • Pipelines
  • Locksmithing
  • Balustrades made of black and stainless steel 
  • Machine protecting covers
  • Closures (dors, gates)
Engineering structures

  • Special structures
  • Works for self-governments
To supplement our services and to facilitate your plans, our company may undertake works which belong to water and land engineering and related to our systems 

Concept and its approval:

  • Designing in applications:

Autocad – 2 D – 3 D

  • Analysis of customers’ needs
  • Performance of preliminary projects
  • Calculating notes
  • Calculations of loads
  • Location plan
  • Designs
  • Terminology for commercial parts
  • Functional synoptic
  • Schedule for conservation and maintenance
  • Trainings for personnel
  • Files for works performed
  • CE certificate

Designe tools

Autocad 2010




Highly qualified, flexible personnel of high mobility, fully devoted to assure a success of your projects and having in mind quality and safety.

In 2010 EMCI saw itself in favourably inclined article published in the internet by Actualités GRAITEC France.

The article refers only to one of our specialization.


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